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Beverly KeppleWelcome to the DISC Training 4 Coaches Website, dedicated to helping you get the most from your DISC profiles.

I’m sure you can identify another person’s DISC style or behaviour but there is so much more you can get from DISC.

Recently a coach shared this story with me…

The coach had an appointment to see a prospect and immediately on meeting the business owner identified that he was a very high ‘D’. She realized that her normal friendly upbeat high ‘I’ style was not going to gain respect with this business owner.

“I just raised my ‘D’, took control of the meeting. I was brief and told him what was going to happen. He just said OK and signed up on the spot. Later in the meeting when we were more relaxed with each other, I noticed that I started slipping back into my high ‘I’ mode. I quickly realized that this wouldn’t do and I immediately corrected myself and slid into ‘D’ style again. This is the first time I have consciously changed my style to match the other person. I was amazed at the result.”

Christel Friberg, ActionCOACH, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

This is DISC training, When and Where you want it

No travelling to a course, no teleconferencing hook-ups… you can watch the 15 videos or listen to the mp3 recordings at a time convenient to you.

Here’s 7 Ways that DISC Training will help you:

  1. Get more appointments to see prospective clients
  2. Increase your conversion rate and sales
  3. Increase your client retention rate
  4. Learn how to present DISC to your clients and their Teams
  5. Use DISC to increase your clients’ sales
  6. By recognising DISC styles on the phone & in person
  7. Improve your communication and rapport building

What’s Covered in the Course?

These are a few of the 15 topics covered:-

  • How to present DISC to clients
  • Recognising the different styles
  • Communicating using DISC
  • Using DISC in sales
  • VAK

And How Much Does All This Cost?

Other DISC training organisations charge £500 to £1000 for DISC training.

My main motivation in creating this programme isn’t money. I believe DISC is one of the most powerful tools in helping people be successful, develop strong, meaningful relationships and live happy, fulfilled lives.

I want to help as many coaches as possible use the DISC tool to help them get and retain clients and this is going to help the business community at the same time.

2 Options to access these great products:

1. What’s your preferred learning style?
You can watch the videos on-line and your investment is just £99.00 (includes VAT)

2. Would you rather listen on your ipod or mp3 player?
The training course is also available as mp3 files on a CD to download to your preferred player and comes complete with a workbook. It’s a physical product… delivered to your door. Your investment for this is just £147.00 (including VAT, packaging and postage).

So, you decide. Is this the year you use DISC to its fullest potential?

Is this the year you get to feel completely confident adapting your style to others, whether on the phone or in person?

Do you want to get the most value from the profiles you order?

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I’m excited to help you get the BEST from the DISC tool and have Lots of Success in your business. Register right now.